Welcome To Prapha Tham Center

Prapha Tham Center is an elderly care center for elderly people, cancer patients. And palliative care focused on the standard of elderly care by a multidisciplinary group consisting of a neurologist, doctor of palliative care, physical therapist, Thai traditional doctor and palliative nursing care.

We provide 24 hour care under the facility. Beautiful, peaceful, quiet, shady atmosphere, close to nature along the canal Clean rooms, both ordinary rooms and special rooms With physiotherapy room Thai traditional medicine room and occupational therapy

At present, we can see that there are many elderly people are abandoned to stay home alone. That's because family members have an obligation to work. It is impossible to take care of you forever. Including some you may not have the knowledge on the subject of elder care is a major. May cause harm or as an alternative for you to escape the chaos. To relax in a private corner.

“Let us take care of an elderly”

“Let us take care of your loved ones.”

Prapha Tham Center be aware of their health. The lives of patients who need rehabilitation. Seniors who want comfort. A private retreat It is open to the care of your loved ones. Care by nurses so the elderly or someone you love staying at our house. You can be assured that You will receive services and be absolutely hygienic. At the same time we are take care for you as happy as a family of our own.

Prapha Tham Center


Customers who stay at home will receive a warm welcome from a family nurses. Leaders and Mentors Including the availability of services. to consist of...


Our accommodation has a spacious garden
includes a bedroom variants. Recreation room, activity room, library room, the gym. And medical examination rooms.


Dormitory Room

Prices start from 20,000 Baht

Private Room

Prices start from 30,000 Baht

***Additional costs will be determined according to the condition and health of the elderly.


Special package (Elderly / Rehabilitation).


Prices start from 800 Baht

Half month

Prices start from 12,000 baht


*** Customers can provide tools and supplies needed by yourself.



1. Individualized care.
2. Main meals and Snacks as nutritious.
3. Herbal drink for good health.
Note : based limits individual.
4. Take care medicine as ordered by the doctor.
5. Health care services.
6. Daily maid service to Cleaning, bedding, clothing.
7. Activities with staffs * Optional
8. Free! Wi-Fi is available in all areas.
9. Transfer to a hospital in an emergency.


We focus on value creation Raising awareness of the potential of older people by older males.
To be motivated to take care of their own health. mental strength a better quality of life according to age-appropriate health
to result in the development of body and mind.

- Physical therapy to rehabilitate primary health
- Exercise
- Activities treatment such as Chess, Puzzles, Planting, Karaoke.
- Art therapy
- Reflexology massage * extra
- Merit a day listening to the Dhamma.
- Read books, watch movies, sing
- Socialize, exchange

Documents Required

1. Copy of Passport
2. Fill out the application thoroughly in order to facilitate the care and services required by the symptoms.
3. Medical / health history / medical identification card / hospital / Gold cards or cards for special treatment / doctor's appointment card [if any]

For their guests

1. Copy of Passport


When looking for accommodation for elderly loved ones. Another thing to consider is comfort. The environment of that place.
It is important that the place are located in our city. There is a very pleasant waterfront location, quiet, comfortable.
For residents of seniors who want peace and quiet. natural Without the hassle and activities To create a diversion, which depending on the preference of the individual, such as a reading exercise, singing dialogue which these activities can be done in our area is spacious. Both during the day at our place is also a lawn area waterfront for recreation. The fresh air The green of the grass and trees, making it comfortable and lawn area behind the house is also a place where seniors can spend their leisure time activities. With parents our area offers a tranquil atmosphere perfect for a restful night's sleep. It's comforting to know that people care 24 hours a day with a team that will take care of your loved ones.


If you are interested ..Please contact us for more information or visit our site below ... Prapha Tham Nursing home and Hospice palliative care